The WWE Experience 2014 is a game created by 900bv and is the sequel to WWE '13. It features an enhanced Universe Mode, a selection of new Road to Wrestlemania stories, a large roster featured current superstars and legends and an expansive creation section.


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The roster for The WWE Experience 2014 is very large, and features a large amount of current wrestlers, along with a selection of legends.

Match Types


Road to Wrestlemania


General Manager Mode


Universe Mode 4.0




Create-a-Superstar returns in WWE '13, and allows much more free will when creating. There are many more attire options to select.

Superstar Threads

Superstar Threads is much more expansive in this game. Instead of changing just attire colours, you can create entirely new attires for existing superstars.


Create-a-Moveset is identical to WWE '12, but it is now listed under Create-a-Superstar.


Create-an-Entrance now allows you to create completely custom champion and stable entrance. It is also now listed under Create-a-Superstar.


Create-a-Finisher is improved greatly in this game. You can now make a brand new type of finisher, submissions.


Create-a-Title returns after a long hiatus and is now much easier to use as there is no costs and there are more options.

Story Designer

Story Designer is identical to the WWE '12 version, except there are more animations.

Logo Designer

Logo Designer has been revamped for easier creation, and is now compatible with the uDraw Tablet.


Create-a-Taunt is a feature exclusive to Xbox 360 Kinect, and allows players to record their own taunts.

Downloadable Content

The WWE Experience 2014 will feature a large amount of DLC, which can consist of superstars, outfits, arenas and new moves.